Our Method

“Musical Immersion™” Method and Theme Based Curriculum

Our curriculum is delivered through our Musical Immersion™ method. We use theme-based songs, visual aids, repetition, rhyming, reinforcement of key concepts and vocabulary, full immersion, taught by native Spanish teachers—much the same way they learn a first language. Research indicates that children acquire another language and love learning it when it’s musicalinteractive, and fun.
We make it fun with a quirky cast of characters, simple actions, short segments, a wide range of imaginary settings, and dialogues and situations designed to evoke laughter.
We teach through music. Each unit features a song with key vocabulary words and phrases. Vocabulary is set to simple melodies that are catchy and easy to learn. Children continue to sing the songs well after the program is over, encouraging repetition and retention.
We encourage interaction by asking children to repeat words, sing songs, dance with or imitate characters, answer simple questions, and play along with age-appropriate games.

Our method allows children to develop:
1) Familiarity with a wide variety of common vocabulary words, word phrases, and complete sentences.
2) Reinforcement of key preschool concepts and skills.
3) An interest in learning and communicating in Spanish.
4) Enthusiasm for wider language learning.
5) An appreciation for other cultures and traditions.
6) Work on life skills and respect for common values.