Family & Me Classes

Our classes are intended for children 2-7 years old; however the whole family will have a blast with Susy’s class. Each lesson is designed to provide kids with a rich set of activities, including:

  • plenty of movement and activities to keep kids engaged
  • songs and music to help with language learning and retention
  • puppet shows that entertain and reinforce main lesson theme
  • visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning modalities
  • fun – to enhance learning, increase likelihood that kids will want to learn more, and to make lessons enjoyable for everyone involved

We talk a lot about “fun” – because we believe learning is a fascinating and fun activity in and of itself. When we incorporate fun in a learning environment, we have seen the great advances children make in language acquisition, and retaining the new language. Our main goal is for a child to have fun while becoming fluent in Spanish.

Recognizing that children will be at different developmental stages, and that on any given day, a child may be more or less inclined to join the activities. Our Family & Me classes allow children to participate at their own level of comfort.

Our Family & Me has evolved to a whole Family experience where we welcome everyone to join in the experience of our classes with our wonderful Teacher Susy Dorn, or as many of you may know her as Maestra Sushi Corn.

Let’s Play! Let’s Always Play! 

Juguemos! Siempre, Juguemos!

Family & Me Winter 2021

 Online Classes Open for any Location [PST]