Kinder Online Spanish Classes For Kids

Kinder Online Spanish classes for kids from Let’s Play in Spanish provide your children (ages 5-6) with a foundation for learning how to speak Spanish in a fun, positive, and educational way.

Your child’s immersion in the Spanish language – consistently listening, talking, learning, exploring, playing, singing, and having lots of fun in Spanish – results in a rapid language learning experience through a program children love.

Our online Spanish classes provide kids with a warm and safe environment where they’ll love learning Spanish and become comfortable using it in everyday situations.

The Kinder Online Spanish Class for Kids is a weekly afterschool enrichment program with streaming live classes intended for 5 – 6-year-old age groups. Our small group classes provide the opportunity for dedicated attention with a focus on helping young Spanish learners grow in their language skills.

Susy teaching her Online Spanish Classes for Kids

Susy teaching her Online Spanish Classes for Kids

Our one-of-a-kind online Spanish lessons focus on:

• Pre-reading
• Pre-writing
• Speaking skills
• Critical thinking
• Math and science
• Reading Comprehension 
• Letter recognition
• Phonemic awareness 

Young students will develop skills such as understanding story concepts, writing development, conversational skills, vocabulary acquisition, and retention.

The online Spanish courses used in our Kinder Online Spanish class are theme-based, with subjects covering everyday topics like breakfast, food, vegetables, house, appliances, modes of transportation, parts of the body, clothing, and many more.

Our primary focus is for younger students to learn high-frequency vocabulary words that they can use in real-world situations in their environment, helping them quickly sound like native Spanish speakers.

From Taking Online Spanish Courses to Teaching Spanish?

Kids who learn a new language early in life will have advantages later on, both from having the skill of that second language and the benefit of higher cognitive abilities often associated with speaking more than one language.

And the earlier kids learn Spanish or another foreign language, the more easily they’ll acquire these language skills and benefits. (We also offer online Spanish classes for kids as young as two years old through our Family & Me program.)

Imagine your young learners not only learning to speak Spanish but also becoming a Spanish tutor later on. They could teach Spanish to other young learners and maybe make a little extra income just for being fluent in the Spanish language — yet another benefit of learning a second language.

About Susy Dorn and Best Practices for Online Learning

The Kinder class is taught entirely online by our amazing founder & creator (and native Spanish speaker) Susy DornShe brings over 20 years of experience into her online Spanish Classes for Kids to provide your children with educational entertainment with her original music & puppets. Susy has used these same methods and Spanish lessons to teach children Spanish in her California preschools. You can read more about her here.

We recommend students access our online Spanish class via laptop or tablet for a better learning experience. We encourage students to be independent in their learning and to have a quiet and comfortable environment while attending the class. It’s like their own online language school!

Give your child all the advantages that come with learning a second language early in life. Sign up below for our Kinder Online Spanish classes for Kids today!