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Want our Spanish curriculum for children in YOUR School?


Do you have a teacher in your team that speaks Spanish?

Do you want to bring our Spanish curriculum for children into your school?

When you license our Spanish Curriculum, it gives you permission to use and reproduce our copyrighted material. You will have access to all our music, posters, lyric pages, flashcards, posters, worksheets for over 50 themes (colors, numbers, fruits, helpers of the community, transportation, dinosaurs, space, rhymes, etc.) and many more activities to make learning fun & effective.

With the significant demand for a second-language classes, our program will enhance your curriculum and your school can now offer your families the gift of learning Spanish.

Parents today know that introducing their children to Spanish at a young age give them the best chance of learning the language fluently.

Licensing our Spanish curriculum for children includes training for your teachers by our founder & creator Susy Dorn.

We are currently licensing our Spanish curriculum at these schools:
Stratford Schools – California
Kindercourt – San Carlos, CA
NASA Ames Child Care Center – Mountain View, CA
St. John Vianney Preschool – San Jose, CA
Canyon Heights Academy – Campbell, CA
Garden Joy International School – San Jose, CA
I Can Speak Spanish 2 – Charlotte, North Carolina
St. Teresa of Avila Catholic School – Carson City, Nevada
& hopefully your school too!

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