Mission / Philosophy


Our mission is to offer children a unique Spanish immersion program, which will give them the opportunity to learn the Spanish language in a comfortable and natural way through fun and unforgettable experiences. Through our curriculum they will learn concepts and social fundamental skills that will enhance their integral development in the physical, social, emotional, linguistic, and cognitive areas.

Our mission is to serve families that want their children to learn the Spanish language along with a high quality preschool program.


We believe that achieving competencies in another language enhances a child’s learning ability and potential. That is why we offer possibilities for children to learn the Spanish language by discovering, exploring, problem solving, creating, and using their curiosity and imagination. We provide these positive learning experiences in order to contribute to the development of each child’s sense of self, independence and positive self-esteem.

We believe that learning another language should be a natural and enjoyable experience in a safe, nurturing, stimulating and developmentally appropriate environment.

We believe that playing is the best way children learn, it’s a powerful and active process through which children learn about themselves and their world. We believe that music and puppetry are effective tools for teaching young children and therefore important components of our curriculum.

We believe that environmental education should start at an early age in order to raise consciousness of the young generation and therefore teaching them how to take care of our planet is essential. We motivate children to reduce-reuse-recycle on a daily basis.

We believe that our staff’s most important task is to support and enhance the learning process in order to provide a strong foundation for children to thrive and become lifelong learners.

We believe parents are a vital part of a child’s education, they provide the first and most important learning environment. Therefore, it’s essential for us to establish and sustain cooperative efforts with the families and community in order to maintain an effective program where all children can learn, grow, reach their goals and be successful in their educational path.