Mommy & Me Classes


Mommy & Me classes offer Spanish language immersion combined with music, rhythm, singing, rhymes, puppet shows and plenty of other fun.


Our Spanish language classes are intended for children 2-7 years old, and each lesson is designed to provide kids with a rich set of activities, including:

  • plenty of movement and activities to keep kids engaged
  • songs and music to help with language learning and retention
  • puppet shows that entertain and reinforce main lesson theme
  • visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic learning modalities
  • participation at own level of comfort – kids decide which activities they will actively partake in
  • fun – to enhance learning, increase likelihood that kids will want to learn more, and to make lessons enjoyable for everyone involved

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We talk a lot about “fun” – because we believe learning is a fascinating and fun activity in and of itself. It is the teacher’s role to make sure that it does not deteriorate into a boring drudgery, as it so often does in schools.
Recognizing that children will be at different developmental stages, and that on any given day, a child may be more or less inclined to join the activities, Mommy & Me classes allow kids to participate at their own level of comfort – some children will stay close to Mom or Dad throughout the class, some will venture all over the classroom, actively interacting with the teacher and other kids.
Susy with Boy Playing The Cana
To facilitate movement and engagement, various activities are located in different parts of the classroom, so kids naturally get to move around. At that age, movement is a biological imperative, and at Let’s Play in Spanish, we strive to work with nature, not against it.
Crayons and coloring pages are a part of every class – naturally, coloring pages are related to that day’s main theme.
We have worked very hard to create classes that contain many activities, yet that flow smoothly from one activity into another, creating a harmonious whole. To try a class for free with your child, please click here.

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WINTER Session 2020 – San Jose Only

Susy Dorn is back!

Susy will be teaching Wednesday & Thursday classes.