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Welcome to Let’s Play in Spanish, an award-winning language immersion program, created by Susy Dorn, where children learn Spanish in a fun and exciting way. We believe in music and laughter as the most effective ways for children to learn and grow, especially when learning another language.

All classes are designed to provide children with plenty of music, movement and fun. Our approach to teaching Spanish mimics native language acquisition – children have fun interacting with other children while creating arts and crafts, working on learning centers, enjoying our puppet shows, and singing along with their teachers in class! In our parent participation classes, parents have also learned Spanish along with their children. Please check out our testimonial page to see what other parents have said.

Please note that our physical locations are closed at this time due to Covid-19, and we have moved our award-winning classes online.

Let’s Play in Spanish provides children a foundation for learning another language in a fun and positive way. By simply being immersed in the language and consistently listening, talking, learning, exploring, playing, singing and having lots of fun in Spanish, it has resulted in a rapid language learning program that children love. We provide a warm and safe environment, where children love learning Spanish and feel comfortable using it.