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We provide in-person and online Spanish classes for kids, on-demand Spanish videos for kids, and a Spanish curriculum for schools

Let’s Play in Spanish has been filling our Spanish classes for kids in the California Bay Area for over 20 years. Kids are immersed in the Spanish language, using music and play to keep children engaged and excited to learn (even if they don’t always realize they’re learning).

Founder and native Spanish speaker Susy Dorn used her degree in Child Development Education and creativity as a singer-songwriter-puppeteer to create an award-winning Spanish language curriculum that combines music and laughter as the foundation for academic learning.

Susy’s Spanish immersion preschools have been teaching and entertaining kids and their caregivers for over two decades, and her curriculum has been licensed by dozens of schools across the country.

We’ve expanded our online presence so now any family can benefit from her Spanish classes for kids, which are designed to mimic native language acquisition.

Our Programs:

Susy teaching Kinder Online

Susy teaching Kinder Online Spanish class for kids

Kinder Online Spanish class: The Kinder Online Spanish class is a small afterschool enrichment program that meets weekly. Our limited class size gives us the opportunity for dedicated attention with a focus on helping children grow in their Spanish language learning journey.

Family & Me Online Spanish classes: Intended for children 2-7 years old (and caregivers of any age).
We recognizing that children will be at different developmental stages, and that on any given day, a child may be more or less inclined to join the activities. Our Family & Me online Spanish classes allow kids to participate at their own level of comfort.

Parent Participation Preschool

Parent Participation Preschool at Let’s Play in Spanish

Parent Participation Preschool: In-person learning with Susy for families in the San Jose, CA area. We’ve created an interactive learning environment that teaches young children to speak Spanish through playtime activities such as singing, drama, stories, games, and puppets, as well as structured and academic activities such as Math, Language and Literacy, Social Studies, and Science.

Learn@Home: Our new, on-demand Spanish video platform for kids who benefit from learning Spanish at their own pace. These videos use the same methods and Spanish curriculum (with worksheets) Susy has been teaching in her California preschools. For Home Use Only.

At Home Spanish Classes for Kids

Learn@Home: Spanish videos for kids homepage

Teach with Let’s Play in Spanish – Licensed Curriculum for Schools: Want to use our award-winning curriculum in your preschool, kinder, elementary, or daycare? You can now license our award-winning Spanish curriculum that has kept kids from 2-12 years old engaged and learning in the San Francisco Bay area for over 20 years.

Kids who acquire a new language early in life will have advantages later on, both from having the skill of that second language, but also the benefit of higher cognitive abilities often associated with speaking more than one language.

Children have fun interacting with other children while creating arts and crafts, working on learning centers, enjoying puppet shows, and singing along with their teachers in class!

Parents and caregivers have also learned Spanish right along with their kids in our Parent Participation and Family & Me classes. Check out our Testimonials page to see what other parents think about our programs!

Susy teaching Family and Me Online Spanish Class

Susy leads her Family and Me online Spanish class

Let’s Play in Spanish provides children with a foundation for learning a new language in a fun and positive way. Our Spanish classes immerse kids in the language, so they are constantly listening, talking, learning, exploring playing, singing, and having fun in Spanish, which results in rapid learning that children love.

We provide a warm and safe environment where children love learning Spanish and feel comfortable expressing themselves in their new language.




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We look forward to teaching you and your little ones in our Spanish classes for kids!