Spanish Daycare Activities

Now available! Add our Spanish Curriculum to your Daycare Activities!

If you’re looking to differentiate your daycare activities from others in your area, you’re in luck! We now offer Spanish daycare activities specifically designed for younger kids. It’s the perfect educational program for daycares looking to add Spanish activities to their schedule and to make your daycare stand out. Show families that you know the importance of early education, and you offer more than just babysitting.

Let’s Play in Spanish has developed a proven and award-winning Spanish program that has kept kids from 10 months – 12 years old engaged and learning in the San Francisco Bay area for over 20 years.

At Home Spanish Classes for Kids

Spanish Daycare Activities

Now you can teach these same Spanish activities in your daycare, using music and play to entertain children while they build their understanding and comprehension of Spanish.

Licensing for your daycare Spanish program and materials from Let’s Play in Spanish will set your daycare apart from those simply using YouTube videos and online printouts. Our program has been designed to be engaging and fun for kids from a young age.

By acquiring a license, you’ll have permission to reproduce and use our copyrighted materials and to advertise to families that your daycare is a Licensed Partner (you can add our special logo on your website).

You’ll also be trained in how to best use the Spanish daycare lesson plans by our founder Susy Dorn, who has been teaching, refining, and adding to these Spanish language resources for over 20 years.

Studies show that children learn more effectively when they are playing and having fun. Let’s Play in Spanish builds on this by using music, videos, flashcards, posters, and lots of puppets to make the lessons come alive.

Parents know that kids who learn a new language early in life will have advantages later, both from having the skill of a second language, but also the benefit of higher cognitive abilities associated with speaking more than one language.

And the earlier kids learn Spanish, the more easily they’ll acquire these skills and benefits. Plus, our Spanish curriculum is designed for kids as young as 10 months old.

By licensing our Spanish curriculum, you’re showing parents that you take their children’s education seriously.

We believe that children learn best through play. We understand that children’s sense of curiosity drives their interest in understanding their surroundings and their sense of belonging.

Play is an innate motivator for children to identify, explore, negotiate, take risks, and create meaning. We have created a proven and award-winning program that uses this natural motivation for children to learn Spanish.

If you’re interested in using our award-winning Spanish materials and curriculum in your daycare, simply fill out the form below and we’ll send you the details.

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