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Learn@Home with our Spanish Videos for Kids

Are you looking for fun & educational Spanish videos for your kids? Complete with fun Spanish activities and Spanish vocabulary for beginners?

You found it! We’ve developed a Spanish video platform to help your child learn Spanish at home at their own pace.

Educator and native Spanish speaker Susy Dorn pours 20 years of experience into this Spanish video series to bring your children hours of educational entertainment with music & puppets. She understands why it’s so important for kids to learn a second (or third!) language at a young age. These are the same methods and Spanish language resources Susy uses to teach children Spanish in her California preschool.

When you sign up for Learn@Home from Let’s Play in Spanish, you’ll get instant access to a total of 551 educational videos, 220 worksheets, and coloring pages!

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Here’s what’s included in our online Spanish lessons for kids:

Learn@Home: Educational Spanish Videos for Kids

Let’s Learn in Spanish: – 50 Themes with 7 videos per theme for a total of 350 videos. Includes 3 worksheets & 1 coloring page per theme, plus 4 fun Spanish activities per theme. A total of 200 activities!

This is a great program to build your child’s Spanish vocabulary and sentence structure. This section seeks to inspire and teach your child Spanish through the power of music and laughter.
Susy uses an approach that introduces concepts and then reinforces them, engaging your child’s many senses and their crucial learning modalities.

  • Theme-based Spanish curriculum for children ages 2 – 8 yrs. old.
  • Access over 50 themes with hundreds of entertaining and educational Spanish videos with Susy Dorn!
  • Each theme is accompanied by a coloring/vocabulary page and Level 1, 2, & 3 vocabulary worksheets.
Dinosaurs worksheet

Sample worksheet from Los Dinosaurios theme

  • Learn with Mono – Mono helps your child learn the Spanish vocabulary associated with the theme
  • Learn with Tucán – Have fun with Tucán while learning useful Spanish phrases such as:
    Si tengo, no tengo (I have, I don’t have).
    Me gusta, no me gusta (I like it, I don’t like it)
  • Let’s Classify – Encourage your child to repeat the Spanish words and phrases. Repeat along with them to help reinforce the importance of learning Spanish!
  • Learn with Rana – Stories, singing, counting, what’s your favorite one? Many different activities with Rana or Perro to make learning fun!
  • Learn with Ratón – Enjoy a different and original puppet show for every theme! Ratón has hundreds of friends and stories to captivate your child. The joy, enthusiasm and sense of wonder children experience with puppets is priceless.

Plus, each theme has a Sing-Along video, a coloring page, and a set of worksheets to reinforce the Spanish themes for your children.

Let’s Read in Spanish (phonics in Spanish) – We have compiled the building blocks necessary for your child to learn Spanish. A total of 46 videos and 20 worksheets!

These videos focus on the alphabet, vowels, and syllables in Phonics. This collection of Spanish materials will teach your child how to read in Spanish using phonics. We recommend practicing at least 15 minutes daily.

Let’s Sing in Spanish (Classic Collection) – This collection consists of over 62 of our classic sing-along videos for our Cantemos en Español and 73 videos featuring Sal y Pimienta. That’s a total of 135 of our favorite videos with Susy including our all-time favorite Conversations with Tucán.

Still not sure if it’s the right collection of Spanish videos for your children? No problem! Each of our monthly or yearly subscription packages includes a free 15-day trial. Sign up today and watch your child joyfully learn a skill that will help them for the rest of their lives!

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