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Hear what parents and kids have to say about Let’s Play in Spanish!

If you want a fun, safe, and loving learning environment for your child, look no further! The maestras at Let’s Play in Spanish are so warm and they really make connections with their students. Through free play, puppets, songs and dance, class sharing, my 4-year-old has mastered Spanish really well. It’s a place you feel good about putting your children to be cared for. Thank you Maestras for your hard work and dedication!
Sheil K. – South SF Location, Google review

[O]ur child loves the school, we love the school. We can hardly imagine a life without it when she graduates… The teachers are incredibly giving and warm. It feels more like and extended family than an institution. Our daughter’s Spanish and her self confidence is blooming. She is passing as a native speaker!
Renata S. – South SF Location, Google Review

Our son absolutely loves this school. He’s been there about 6 months now and is excited about going to school everyday. We initially put him in part time, but he really wanted to stay longer to take naps, and play with his friends. He has learned so much and he clearly enjoys learning. The teachers are warm and loving and have a fun approach to learning and nurturing childrens’ natural abilities. His Spanish has improved by leaps and bounds. We are so happy to have such a wonderful school and can’t wait until our younger son turns 2 and 10 months, so we can bring him here.
Elena V. – South SF Location, Google Review

I’m so glad I found this gem of a preschool! I had been looking for both a play based preschool as one that included Spanish in their daily activities and this is it!! … Although my son has only been attending LPIS for a few months I’ve already seen very positive outcomes as a result of him attending LPIS… I’m extremely fortunate to have found this preschool!
Marisol A. – Covina Location, Google Review

So fun educational and Ms Susie is outstanding with the children!
Rosie F. – November 7, 2018 – Facebook

Teachers show so much compassion. You can see that they care for each student! My son loves this school!!!! And the songs they sing are excellent!
Ana M. – June 21, 2018 – Facebook

Nos encanta Let’s Play in Spanish! Nuestro hijo está tan Feliz por todo el cariño que recibe de sus Maestras y puedo ver cómo el está aprendiendo académicamente!!
Sara E. – November 20, 2017 – Facebook

This is an amazing school.   My son is learning Spanish, confidence, and social skills in a nurturing environment.
Anvi P. – Santa Clara, CA – November 14, 2017 – Yelp

Susy has created a wonderful school with great curriculum and music. My daughter was in Maestra Ana’s Mommy & Me class and Maestra Lupita’s preschool class. We don’t speak Spanish at home but she now knows quite a bit. The maestras are incredibly fun and caring. They really go all out for special events and holidays. My daughter still talks about the leprechauns and how fun it was on Saint Patrick’s Day.
Cris O. – Menlo Park, CA – October 5, 2017 – Yelp

We love this school, the teachers truly love
The kids and their passion is visible!  I recommend this school to anyone looking to get their child to speak Spanish! It’s affordable as well!
KungFu V – San Jose, CA – October 1, 2015 – Yelp

My wife and I absolutely love LPIS! My children have been enrolled in the school for 3 years and our 2 children have flourished.  Susy, Ana, Hela and the rest of the staff an teachers are amazing and they truly care about the children.
Lonnell G. – San Jose, CA – August 17, 2015 – Yelp

Both my sons have attended this preschool. The teachers are wonderfully warm and make learning Spanish very fun. I highly recommend it!
Melinda V. – Mountain View, CA – May 25, 2015 – Yelp

My son is having a wonderful experience at Let’s Play in Spanish, Mountain view. He loves his teachers and going to school. The program offered, has helped him expand his Spanish vocabulary and fluidity. The program offered by Suzy Dorn based in music and sing along songs in Spanish, is a wonderful teaching approach and hard to find anywhere else.
Patricia A. – Mountain View, CA – March 18, 2015 – Yelp

This is by far the best mommy and me class. I have been taking my daughter to classes with Suzy since she was 2 and she is now almost 5. Suzy is nothing short of amazing. She engages each and every child. She truly has a gift for teaching. She is such a special human being and loves what she does. I have always spoken Spanish to my daughter, but once she started preschool her Spanish ability suffered. I am so happy to have Suzy’s Spanish class to reinforce skills. My little girl has learned so much & loves this class & Suzy. Suzy sings, teaches, plays instruments, works with puppets, dances, etc. Any parent who wants their child to learn Spanish should try this class!! AMAZING!
Michelle N. – San Jose, CA – January 29, 2015 – Yelp

Amazing program. Amazing teacher. very creative and kids love it. I took my 19 mo old twin boys for 2 complete sessions and they absolutely loved it.
NJ – Santa Clara, CA – December 4, 2014 – Yelp

I couldn’t have imagined how much my kids (age 4 and 7) would love this place, and how much they would learn in 3 weeks during summer. The biggest thing you see in this program – it’s extremely effective in learning, yet as fun and playful as a birthday party, and with warm TLC all teachers show – lots of hugs, appreciation and care for every child, encouragement for what they do. And all that in Spanish!
My both girls want to do it again next year (this year they started from scratch), and now they can’t let go of the DVD set i got them with Susy’s main shows, they think it’s all that easy and fun. Sure, like any genuinely talented work.
Anna F. – Campbell, CA – July 30, 2014 – Yelp

There are not enough words to explain how simply amazing this program is. We just love it. Wonderful nurturing teachers Maestra Lady, Hella, Ana and of course the soul of the program Susy.  The mommy-n-me classes, preschool, dvds, cds and books, have been described in previous reviews better than I could. So I just would like to add that even though the main purpose of the program is to teach spanish, it is also a great environment to increase the confidence and to practice the language for the little ones (like mine) that already know/understand spanish from home.
Janet G. – Sunnyvale, CA – June 14, 2014 – Yelp

Ten years ago, my daughter Avery began taking Ms. Dorn’s Jugamos en Espanol lessons in Campbell, CA. Suzy would pull out her trusty guitar and sing her wonderful Spanish songs with love for teaching and her students. In the past decade, Suzy’s class signups have exploded. She has a vast following of fans for a good reason; she’s AMAZING! Suzy loves what she does and children respond to her excitement and thrive from her teaching skills.
Suzy uses her talent of song and song writing, puppetry and plain old fun to teach her students. I purchased this set for my new twin granddaughters and I can’t wait to see them learn Spanish too! If you are looking for a program that’s not only fun, but really teaches your child Spanish through song this is a must have item in your child’s life.
Cory B. Cullen – March 19, 2014 – Review on

We love this place! What a fun way to teach kids Spanish. Suzy is just amazing and multi talented. She teaches the language through music and puppet. My daughter loves coming to class. I only wish Suzy could teach other languages as well or maybe inspire language teachers:)
Z A., Sunnyvale, CA – February 21, 2014 – Yelp

Our 3-year old son has been attending Juguemos en Espanol in Campbell for 3 months now. He had no previous knowledge of Spanish and nobody speaking Spanish at home. He attends both Mommy and me and the Pre-school, initially 2 than 3 times a week total. He is absolutely obsessed with this program and has been progressing exceptionally well. He loves coming to class, makes us play him Suzy’s CDs in the car and DVDs at home. He knows all the song by heart. When he opens the book, he goes through most of it as if he was reading it (even though he cannot read yet!) The program is designed very smartly:
– Words and phrases are taught through songs and rhythmical structures
– There are puppet shows, games, toys and lots of other fun activities kids are involved with
– The knowledge is built up by expanding on the themes, vocabulary and phrases learned previously to introduce more advanced stuff
Last but not least, teachers are fantastic. All native Spanish speakers. Maestra Dahli, Hila, Helena and, of course, Suzy herself truly love kids and enjoy being around them. Very warm and caring. Our son as well as other kids are met with a welcoming genuine hug every morning. Suzy herself has this magical aura around her that makes kids melt when she enters the room. Our son is completely in love with her.
We are really happy we found this place. Found it here on Yelp, by the way.
Michael W. Mountain View, CA – December 25, 2013 – Yelp

LOVE this place!!! My kids went through all levels from mommy and me classes to the preschool to the after school reading and writing program and I highly recommend them all! The teachers are fantastic and truly care about your kids. And the at home learning system is a must-have whether your children attend the school or not. I had a blast learning Spanish alongside my children with The Gift of Spanish. I believe learning a second language so early helps your children excel in elementary school and beyond.
Ann-Marie F. , San Jose, CA – November 26, 2013 – Yelp

My son and I love this class. We go to the Mommy and Me class in Campbell with Ana and it is such a wonderful activity for the under-2s. There aren’t many activities for children that age that offer structure, learning and fun all in one class. Most other classes are just free play or music-focused but Let’s Play in Spanish combines music, fun, play and learning all in one and is structured to hold the child’s attention. Every 5 minutes there is a new toy, musical instrument or learning activity led by the teacher, often through music. It is an ideal way for under-2s to learn and my son loves every minute of the class. I don’t speak Spanish and didn’t take it at school but I still can follow the class and am actually learning a lot myself, which is great as I wouldn’t have time to take language classes in the evening right now so I look at this as a 2-for-1 deal on learning Spanish for me and my son! The staff are all incredibly friendly and clearly love children, especially Ana. It is a warm, fun and creative environment for my son. I’m so glad I found Let’s Play in Spanish!
MJ B., Los Gatos, CA – November 21, 2013 – Yelp

Best program! Songs and conversations are entertaining, keep a kid interested after several viewings, and the books that accompany are colorful and good quality. They are also incredibly useful to reinforce what is sang/talked about. My son (just turned 8 years old) likes conversations with toucan most of all, he laughs at them, and calls me to view episodes with him. It is quite unbelievable that it is all thought out anad executed by pretty much two people. I have to say that the first song DVD Cantemos I liked the least, it seemed a bit less quality of the videos and less dynamic but maybe for younger kids it would be perfect, it also got better at the end. But Conversations with toucan Cantemos! made it up for us – so funny and entertaining! Second part, Sal y Pimienta, is marvelous. My son is generally not a very motivated child as it comes to studying; Susy makes the task very playful, and he just watches the DVDs with almost the same joy as regular cartoons, and reaches to the books to check the wording. Please continue with more parts! We will buy!
Also, the description says that the kit contains a small puppet – we didn’t have any in out set. My kid didn’t know it was supposed to be there, so no big ldeal, just misleading description. Otherwise, highly recommend.
Anna on November 7, 2013 – Review on (verified purchase)

We’ve done Let’s Play in Spanish classes in Mountain View and Campbell and they’re fantastic. We also have some CDs and DVDs. It’s been amazing watching my daughter learn Spanish– she comes out with words and phrases when I least expect them. We’ve had Ana and Susy as teachers in Campbell and they’re both fantastic. They really have a gift for what they do. If you’re interested in Spanish classes for little kids, these are definitely the way to go!
Kelly C. , Sunnyvale, CA – February 15, 2013 – Yelp

AMAZING product for children of all ages
Susy Dorn has exceeded our expectations with The Gift of Spanish: Let’s Play in Spanish for Kids! My kids love watching these DVDs. The combination of education, fun, Susy’s charisma & the puppets capture their interest so well that they actively participate with the DVD, rather than become zombies when it’s on. This program offers the best of both worlds for our family: DVD equals timeout for mommy; and 2) DVD equals amazing acquisition of spanish skills for my kids. I am thrilled that this set has become a favorite among my 3 children (age 16 mos – 4 years old). And as a parent fluent in English & German, I am learning Spanish vocabulary along with my kids.
Pam H. – March 29, 2012 – Review on

Let’s Play in Spanish!
My son has learned so much in so little time. I love this product! I am even learning spanish by watching it and listening to the DVDs everywhere we go. Bought it for my son, but I am reaping the benefits too! This company is a genius! I wish I could find more of their stuff because there is no other faster way to learn Spanish but to sing a long with Susy! Love her!!
Rozelli – March 31, 2012 – Review on

Great for my kid!
I really love this CD. I got it because I saw my friend’s child singing in Spanish from this program. I wasn’t sure if it would work for my son but it actually did and it is clear that he is learning Spanish. I was planning to buy him much more expensive Spanish tutoring lessons but the teacher in the CD makes learning Spanish much more fun than any tutor would. My son really loves the songs. Looking forward to impressing friends with my brilliant bilingual child. 🙂
Meri – March 29, 2012 – Review on

My kids are loving this!
As a former Spanish teacher, I’ve been skeptical of products that claim to teach young children another language simply by watching TV. This product goes way beyond that model with a variety of materials (DVD’s just being one part) that really are fun for kids and parents too.
We started using Susy’s materials with our almost-5 year old, but soon her 2 1/2 year old sister wouldn’t miss it anytime we put on a CD or DVD or opened a book. “Spanish! Spanish!” they shriek whenever we ask them what they want. Blue’s Clues? Thomas the Train? Forget it. *This* is what they ask for, hands down.
We’re a musical household, so we also love the teaching-through-song approach and it’s true, they actually hold up after multiple (and I mean multiple!) listenings. I’m enjoying the vocabulary practice and am thrilled to see my girls have fun with a language I love. The Gift of Spanish is truly a gift. Susy is awesome!
N. Wood – March 27, 2012 – Review on

Exactly what I was looking for!
I’ve been looking for great program to help my two kids (preschool age)learn Spanish for over a year. We’ve used so many toys/books/computer programs/DVDs that have good material but just don’t capture their attention and interest. We’ve used other products that are fun but pay little more than lip service to learning/speaking Spanish. This set is the only one we’ve used that keeps their attention AND pays more than lip service to teaching them how to actually speak Spanish. Three big points:
1) This is NOT just a DVD– it is so much more. It would be great if we could just plop the kids in front of the TV and have them learn to speak Spanish, but I just don’t think that’s possible. The DVDs are an important part of this program but they also love the books, CDs, and skits with hand puppets. The advice on how parents can use these things to help kids learn was really helpful for us. It takes some effort but not too much time, and non-Spanish speakers can easily use it.
2)A lot of the vocabulary and phrases are set to music, which makes them easy to memorize and to practice enunciating the vocabulary again and again. The tunes are familiar so the kids (and I) can focus on the new vocab or phrase. The voice is very pleasant, and the songs are constantly stuck in our heads– so we sing them at appropriate times, reinforcing the concepts.
3) My kids really love it. This program is actually teaching them speak Spanish and they are having fun and laughing while they do it. I was not willing to force anything on them, and I don’t have to!
The creators of this set clearly focused on designing something that would work for young children (and their parents) and it shows!
Kari R. (CA, USA – March 27, 2012 – Review on

We listen to the CD’s in the car, and I concur with the parents who report that they’ve learned a lot without even trying. We’re getting our money’s worth! I was inspired to enroll in a Spanish class for adults and my teacher is so impressed with my vocabulary — all stuff I learned from Let’s Play In Spanish. My children like the song books because of the colorful pictures, but they also help me sing along and learn how to recognize the words. The coloring books are a wonderful idea because they’re quiet, portable, interactive and the material is consistent: even the shapes and colors appear in the same order as they’re listed in the songs. Everything in the package reinforces everything else. I’m impressed with the thought that went into it.
A. L. MacPhail – April, 2012 – Review on

Her classes are made in such a fun, visual manner that they are non-threatening to any child and I think each child gets something out of the class regardless of their level.
Monica E. – Dec, 2008 – Review on

“Susy and team!
My 2 year old nephew loves the Sal and Pimiento CD, DVD and book.  He is so into the songs that he now asks for it every night instead of the Tommy the Train DVD! Although he can barely talk, he is singing many of the songs!  Muchas gracias!”
Matt B. – Dec, 2008 – Email

“Susy’s class has been a great tool for my children to understand and speak spanish.”
R.L. – Nov, 2008 – Review on

“My 2-year old daughter loves it. This interactive class includes songs, puppet shows and is highly entertaining for both the parents and the children attending the class.  My daughter enjoys the catchy tunes and can already sing several songs. Her Spanish vocabulary seems to exceed her English one in certain areas. I only hope that we can find a preschool for my daughter that makes learning this much fun. takes a creative approach to language learning. Susy Dorn has developed a program to engage children as young as toddlers with stories, music, puppets, and movement, with the goal of teaching them Spanish. A series of CDs, DVDs and books help the lessons stay alive at home.”
Nita M. – Oct, 2008 – Email

“My 5 year old loves Susy’s classes…and most importantly…my 5 year old is really learning Spanish.”
Jerry C. – May, 2008 – Review on

“Hands down the BEST Spanish Immersion Class for Children.  And you adults that take your child there will enjoy it as well.”
Frances F. – Feb, 2007 – Review on

Children Testimonials

“ Dear teacher Susy, my favorite thing is the puppet shows. I like your music!”
Johnny (5 Years Old)

“ I like it…I like the songs. My favorite part is when tucan…I like when you draw, I like animals and the guitar, I like the puppet show”.
Vanessa (5 Years Old)

“ The caballo, when you do stuff, when you do the wrong sound of the animals. The drawing I like a lot and sing the shapes”.
Gaby (3 Years Old)

“ Counting, My favorite part is doing the puppet show. I like to draw, I like to sing my favorite song Feliz Navidad.”
Kat (4 Years Old)

“My favorite is Spanish, airplane, the puppets.”
Jacob (2 Years Old)

Spanish Immersion Preschool Testimonials:

“Our son is attending the Spanish Immersion Preschool and we couldn’t be happier. The teachers are wonderful; they genuinely care about the children and it shows. They help build the children’s self-esteem and make each child feel truly special. Our son has enjoyed learning all of the preschool curriculum plus he is receiving the gift of a second language! In addition to conventional methods, he is learning through play, music, art puppetry and more. I love seeing the joy in my son’s face when I pick him up. He is excited to tell me about his day and so proud to show off the project he created that week. It has been highly rewarding watching his educational progress as well as his social growth.” Ann-Marie F. – Feb. 2010

“Both of our girls are enamored with Susy Dorn and her staff. The reasons are numerous, but most importantly the instructors are fun, effective and make learning seem like play by engaging children through stories, music, puppets, and movement.

We have a number of choices for Spanish immersion programs and even though the Let’s Play in Spanish’s location is a long drive for us, the choice is easy, and the kids could not be happier.

In addition to furthering Spanish language skills the class environment also fosters good social interaction skills and helps shy children to find their voice.

I could not be any happier with the results! I would like to wish Susy continued success, and hopefully your children will benefit from her program as much as ours are.”
Gorete F. – Feb. 2010

“As an elementary Spanish teacher it was important to me for my kids to learn Spanish at a young age. My oldest son began taking Let’s Play in Spanish classes at 10 months old. When he turned three, we were excited to enroll him in the Spanish Immersion Preschool where he could learn pre-school concepts in a full immersion setting. It’s not just that the teachers use excellent methods of puppetry, music, and creative activities to teach Spanish, they also provide a warm and caring environment for my son. He runs to greet them with a hug every day!”
Eden M. – Feb. 2010

“The teachers and staff have exceeded our expectations in every way, opening our son’s mind to a completely new world full of language, culture and opportunities. He can already communicate in a language that no one else in the family can, and we feel so proud to have had the chance to give our child this gift through the Spanish Immersion Preschool!”
Kay D. – Feb. 2010

Fantastic curriculum and materials for learning Spanish
I can only say good things about Suzy’s classes and all the materials that she has created! I am a native Spanish speaker and I took my son (to whom I have always spoken in Spanish) to her classes when he was 3 and 4 as he was starting to reply to me in English (he also started speaking late for his age). Before I tried the first class I was a little concerned that it wouldn’t be possible to learn much if the class was geared to non-native speakers and the Spanish level would be too low for him as he understood a lot of Spanish already from me….. after that first trial class, however, I signed him up for the whole course without hesitation! Her classes are made in such a fun, visual manner that they are non-threatening to any child and I think each child gets something out of the class regardless of their level. We bought all the materials as our son really wanted to have his own “classes at home”, he loved watching the videos, singing the songs with the picture books in Spanish. ..(I was amazed as I had also tried getting him to listen to traditional Spanish kids songs and watch Spanish cartoons but he still would not reply in Spanish). After a couple of months my son started to speak to me in Spanish! I think the class helped him to realize that the Spanish world was not just limited to mom and him and a few Spanish friends, I dont know what made him switch maybe it was the songs, the silly videos, the games or the puppets … most likely the combination of all of the above and, most importantly, Suzy and her adorable nature. We have since moved to Spain and Daniel who is now 5, still loves singing Suzy’s songs, we bought all the albums and even now he is still enjoying them, especially the “Bomberos” album and in fact he is now teaching the Bomberos song to his little brother who is 2. He still misses Suzy and keeps asking me to invite her to his new school to sing for his new friends…. Believe me you’re blessed to have her there.
Moneldre – December 1, 2008 – CitySearch

Press Quotes

“…takes a creative approach to language learning. Susy Dorn has developed a program to engage children as young as toddlers with stories, music, puppets, and movement, with the goal of teaching them Spanish. A series of CDs, DVDs and books help the lessons stay alive at home.”
Best of the Best 2007 – Bay Area Parent

“With a sprinkling of humor…teaches Spanish by immersion. The songs employ rhyme and repetition making them easier to remember.”
March, 2007 – Bay Area Parent

“My daughter is a year and a half old and loves Susy… She’s always asking for Susy’s DVD.”
Comunidad Del Valle with Damian Trujillo (NBC 11), Dec. 2006.
Watch the whole interview with Susy Dorn here (Windows Media)

“They are learning Spanish faster than their parents ever dreamed. And they’re having a blast doing it”
Bay Area Parent, March 2006

Los textos son el complemento de su innovadora clase de español donde los niños juegan, cantan y aprenden rápidamente el español.
[The books complement the innovative Spanish class where children play, sing and learn Spanish fast.] El Observador, Oct. 2006

“Del mismo modo en que su trabajo puede ayudar a pequeños cuya lengua materna no es el español, los chicos de hogares hispanos también se benefician y logran aprender…”
[In the same way that her work helps children whose maternal language is not Spanish, children of hispanic homes can also benefit and learn.] El Nuevo Día Puerto Rico, Sept. 2006

“…Dorn compone sus propias canciones y ha creado un método muy efectivo y divertido para padres y niños.”
[…Dorn composes her own songs and has created a very effective and fun method that works for parents and children.] La Oferta, March 2006

“Susy Dorn ha cautivado el corazón de los pequeños y adultos con su música…”
[Susy Dorn has captivated the heart of little ones and grownups with her music…] Latino Life, March 2006

“Susana Dorn…teaches vocabulary and other language skills to hundreds of young children…”
Mercury News, Oct. 2005

“La Profesora Susana Dorn usa titres y canciones en su método de inmersión lingüística”
[Teacher Susana Dorn uses puppets and songs in her method of linguistic immersion.] Nuevo Mundo, Aug. 2005

“‘This was the miracle I’ve been looking for the past 9 months’, says Grant.”
Campbell Reporter, Sept. 2003

“Este nuevo método llamado “juguemos en español” contiene modernos elementos que permiten a los niños aprender el español mientras juegan.”
[This new method called “Let’s Play in Spanish” contains modern elements that allow children to learn while they play.] El Observador, April 2003