Music and Learning Languages


Each language has its own rhythm, its cadence. Our Spanish classes for kids are full of music, singing, and rhymes. Children pick up the rhythms of Spanish naturally, without conscious effort or traditional language drills. This is in keeping with the philosophy that the best way to teach is through natural interactions, through fun and play.



Their melodies are simple and easy to remember, while the lyrics deal with everyday objects and events that are already familiar to children. We sing about colors, numbers, fruits, vegetables, cows, ladybugs, brushing teeth, ironing clothes, and a myriad of other simple, everyday things.

Music and singing naturally lead to movement. Children want to move, so we organize our classes to naturally give them opportunity to do so. Songs and music encourage children to get up and move. Often combined with visual aids, we involve all senses in language learning – visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic. Engaging all senses speeds up learning and improves retention. And it’s fun too!

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